4. Unser Haus

Entschuldigen Sie uns das nicht alles jetzt ins Deutch ist. 

The Home

We transformed the original hospital building into an orphanage replete with appropriate and functional living and working areas. Happy Home abides by Kenyan authority standards, which dictate that girls and boys live and study in separate areas.

Selon les normes communiquées par les autorités Kenyanes, les garçons et les filles doivent loger dans des bâtiments séparés. Les salles d’études doivent également être séparées.

Happy Home’s Capacity

Happy Home welcomed its first twelve children on November 1, 2006. Everything went smoothly and successfully and the Home increased its number of resident children from twelve to twenty-two then to twenty-five. In 2007 the number of children stagnated due to a lack of space. Happy Home underwent renovations and, once completed, was able to increase its residency to thirty-two children.











Happy Home above all strives to create a non-institutional, truly familial environment and a true sense of home for its children and it is for this reason that new kids are taken on gradually and with great consideration, sensitivity and care. Happy Home can only survive as a permanent, stable home for its kids if it can guarantee long-term sustainability. This is where we need your help.