The Children

The Happy Home Children

Who Are Our Children?

Happy Home’s mission is to support the most underprivileged children in and around Stella. This means the Home not only cares for orphans but also children “in danger,” as determined by local social services.

Happy Home provides a safe, caring and happy home for its children in need, as well as regular meals and ongoing, varied education. The Home’s aim is to give these children a chance to become healthy, happy, well-adjusted people who will one day fully reintegrate back into their respective communities.

The Happy Home team recognizes that the orphanage is not always the only option and therefore works continuously with the local authorities and community members to find solutions that enable endangered and orphaned children to stay in their own families and communities. The team also sees to it that siblings and children with familial ties are not separated and instead stay and grow together.

Happy Home gives priority to the most urgent cases without any ethnic, linguistic or religious discrimination whatsoever.

Housing and Dressing our Kids

A member of the Happy Home team takes inventory of clothes donations and appropriately distributes the clothes to each child based on each child’s need. Every Happy Home child has his or her own closet and is in charge of his own “wardrobe.”

Boys and girls sleep in different dormitories and the elder kids help the younger ones, as a big group of brothers and sisters