The Organization

The Organization

Management structure

The below chart shows our management model:












All persons involved in Happy Home’s management and fundraising are unpaid volunteers.

Only the director and Home staff receives a wage along with an external accountant to manage the Home’s funds.

The Staff

The Happy Home staff is divided into two categories, which we can define as professionals and subordinates. While the “professionals” are recruited from a broad spectrum, the subordinates are members of the local community.

Below are the primary professional and subordinate posts required for all registered Kenyan orphanages:

A) Professionals:

B) Suborinates:

À Happy Home, nous tentons de recréer un cadre familial et c’est pourquoi il y a plusieurs  «mamans ». Il nous semble important que ces « mamans » soient proches des enfants.

It’s important to Happy Home to foster a familial environment and so the Home has several “mamas” who have close, mothering relationships with all the children. The members of Happy Home’s staff are flexible and many perform multiple tasks. This way, during absences and holidays, the Home runs smoothly and the children never go without.

On top of the full-time staff, Happy Home often has visitors. There are external professionals that visit regularly, according to the Home’s needs such as academic tutors, child psychologists, etc., and the children’s families (often grandparents) are always welcome. In addition, we also have volunteers

There’s never a dull moment at Happy Home!


Board Members

Note : Sadly, Bernard Sawga left us in 2011. He rest in peace and we thank his for engagements for the children. 

Happy Home: Legally

Happy Home Kenya is classified as a “Self Help Group,” is registered with the Kenyan government and has two certificates of operation. One of these certificates expires and is renewable on the condition that the Home passes a thorough yearly inspection.

Kenya has a very rigid legal system concerning child protection, which helps ensure that Kenyan children are properly placed according to need and are adequately attended to and cared for. Three overseas not-for-profit organizations are registered and approved to make financial transfers to our Happy Home:

We are in the process of establishing Happy Home as an NGO so that it may enjoy the protection and advantages that Kenya awards to organizations that fall under that title.


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